Treats on the Internets

Texas – Copperas Cove AC was apparently transferring animals from its kill list to a rescue called Reliant Upon God Activity Center Animal Shelter in Florence.  After a surprise inspection of the rescue facility by the state in March, the county obtained a warrant and seized 89 cats and 1 dog citing poor conditions, improper housing and sick cats in need of vet care.  The owners have been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and a judge determined the animals will not be returned to them.

An 85 year old woman took a wrong turn on a road trip and ended up stranded with her cat in the CO mountains for 5 days.  She had to ration a tiny amount of food for herself and drink melted snow but the cat had plenty of cat food and just basically spent the 5 days in the car catting.  Hikers found and rescued the pair.

A CO mail carrier saw a family carrying their elderly dog up and down their porch stairs and decided to build them a ramp from the materials he had used to make a ramp for his own senior dog, who has since died.  Each other is all we’ve got.

A family in Australia went to great lengths to save a neighbor’s drowning 25 year old horse who ended up in their front yard during a flood.  She collapsed inside their house and they stayed up with her all night, keeping her head above water, inspired after seeing her incredible will to live.  The horse is now back home with her piggy bestie.

Fancy alligator family already living on golf course upgrades to larger pond.

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