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  1. A biologist in the Bahamas is working on a method to bring about two-way communication between dolphins and humans, a longstanding but elusive goal for scientists. She works in the wild, and embarked on her studies of dolphins with the understanding that her work would take 20 years. New technology may make the communication she envisions possible.


  2. You know, there are a LOT of really good people out there. People who help, who are kind, who do their best with what they have and try hard to do better.

    And I know that right now, things may be looking bad. Possibly, really bad. BUT. There’s a LOT of good out there. A lot of kindness. Some of it doesn’t know where to go or what to do, but give it direction and it’s off – doing good in the world!

    It can be hard to remember this, sometimes. But it’s true. And it’s there. Find it. Nurture it. Encourage the kindness.

    Things ARE getting better. Don’t believe me? Look at just 100 years ago. How much was accepted then as “normal” and is “reprehensible” now? We’re doing okay, honest! And we’ll get there.

    Just… keep encouraging kindness. Do what you can, trust others to do what you can’t. Focus on the good.

    And keep going. Just keep going. And we’ll be all right.

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