Podcast You Will Like

Sharon Greenleaf La Pierre and Esplendor, as shown on the BBC website,

If you’ve ever listened to the BBC’s Outlook program, you already know about the fascinating stories featured in the first-person.  But even if you are new to the program, I encourage you to listen to this absolutely riveting tale involving a woman and two horses.  It is a heart-wrenching and brutally honest examination of the human-animal bond.  I happened to catch it on the radio this morning and when I heard it come on again this afternoon, I meant to change the channel but ended up being just as taken by the story the second time.  I don’t think you will be disappointed if you invest the 10 minutes in the podcast.

2 thoughts on “Podcast You Will Like

  1. Thank you for that. What a journey in just 10 short minutes! And THIS is why we need to treat animals (and all of nature, including each other ) with the utmost of respect !

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