The Arctic National Wildlife… Refuse?

The Trump Administration seems to be having trouble comprehending the words “wildlife refuge”:

An internal Interior Department memo has proposed lifting restrictions on exploratory seismic studies in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a possible first step toward opening the pristine wilderness area to oil and gas drilling.
The Arctic refuge, which covers more than 30,000 square miles, has been closed off to commercial drilling for decades because of concerns about the impact on polar bears, caribou and other animals in the region. Opening it up has been a top priority for Republicans.
The memo does not provide a legal justification for allowing new exploration.

Of course.  Because since January 20, 2017, it’s anything goes.

2 thoughts on “The Arctic National Wildlife… Refuse?

  1. This is the area that is filmed in the reality show The Last Alaskans. Human occupation is allowed by permit only since 1980 and I believe there are 8 permits now. They are good until the death of the holder’s last child. They say no one will be left there in 100 years…guess they haven’t heard of the new president.

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