File under:  My Dog is The Smartest Dog.

Mulder usually carries her yogurt cup over to her bed to lick the sides and polish it clean.  Because otherwise, it’s the old trying-to-lick-the-cup-while-it-slides-all-over-the-kitchen-floor thing which is you know, undignified.  But tonight she had a new idea:  drop it inside her dinner bowl for added stability.  I love her.

12062017 yogurtbowl

6 thoughts on “Backinbowl

  1. The container starts out in bowl here and then ends up in a bed. Usually it is a cat bed and the cats are not pleased.

  2. I have to confess, I hold the container for my dog, turning it to give him the chance to get it all clean. Yes, I admit it, I am puppy whipped. But he’s so cute.

  3. Mulder – very clever. backinbowl, what was that movie Lily Tomlin and Steve Martin they kept say backinbowl…I’ll have to google – I remember it was funny and a good movie. love that you have such a love with Mulder.

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