Vintage Dog Book Images: You Don’t See That Nowadays

A lovely illustration showing Afghan hounds under a former breed name:

From the book British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, and Show Preparation by William D. Drury, 1903

Definitely not an Afghan hound but apparently another type of dog from Afghanistan:

From Everyman’s Book of the Dog by A. Croxton Smith, 1909

Enjoy Garry the wolf dog:

From the book British Dogs, Their Varieties, History, Characteristics, Breeding, Management and Exhibition by Hugh Dalziel, 1879

The white English terrier is often referenced in old dog books but rarely pictured:

From the book The Dog, Its Varieties and Management in Health by Stonehenge (pseudonym of John Henry Walsh), 1896

The sun never sets:

From the book Dogs of All Nations by Walter Esplin Mason, 1915

Whatever this is supposed to be:

From the book The Dogs of Great Britain, America, and Other Countries by
John Henry Walsh, 1891

Sort of a cryptozoological entry:

From the book Dogs, Their Origin and Varieties by H.D. Richardson, 1874

And lastly, some old dog books contain ads in the back pages for other books, kennels, dog remedies, dog foods and even champagne and yachts (which shows who these books were originally written for). I picked out several to share to give you the flavor:


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