Animals in Art: White/Christmas

Cockatoo and Pomegranate at Night by Ohara Koson (1877 – 1945)
Gorgeous painting by Maud Earl from the book The Power of the Dog by Arthur Croxton Smith, 1910 or 1911
Illustration by Alex Ries from a project called Imaginary Ornithology
A Stag with its Pack by Carl Henrik Bøgh (1827 – 1893)
From the book The Royal Natural History, Volume 3 by Richard Lydekker, 1893
Two photos from The Book of the Animal Kingdom by William Percival Westell, 1910
Photo and entry on the white raccoon in the Cincinnati Zoo Guide by Sol A. Stephan, 1924
Photo of the now extinct white English terrier from The American Book of the Dog by George Oliver Shields, 1891
Photo from the book The Farmer’s Dog by Albert Frederick Hochwalt, 1922
Dr. Flaxman, after drowning roughly two dozen white Scottish terrier puppies, decided to intentionally breed for the color. From the book Dog Shows and Doggy People by Charles Henry Lane, 1902

The Yuletide Newt by DD McInnes
Illustration by C.E. Swan from The Wild Beasts of the World, Volume Two by Frank Finn, 1909
Illustration by Naoko Stoop
Christmas card art by Edward Gorey (1970s – 1980s)

Happy holidays to those celebrating this season and happy days to everyone else. I appreciate you. 🎄🦌⛄🕎❄️🕊️

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