More Vintage Collies

From the book Histoire Physiologique et Anecdotique des Chiens de Toutes les Races by Bénédict-Henry Révoil, 1867
From the book The Dogs of the British Islands by Stonehenge, 1872
The Fanciers’ Journal, October 5, 1889
From the cover of The Fanciers’ Journal, July 26, 1890
Forest and Stream, March 2, 1893
Forest and Stream, March 16, 1893
Three photos from the book British Dogs (Third Edition) by W. D. Drury, 1903
From the cover of The Dog Fancier, April 1907
Collie illustration in The Dog Fancier, September 1908
From the cover of The Dog Fancier, December 1908
The Fanciers’ Journal, April 19, 1890
From the book Dog Owners Guide by Kasco Mills, Inc, 1950

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