Vintage Dogs: Oddball

They…parted his topknot down the middle. From Dogdom magazine, March 1907
How can they not see the wrongness?!
From Dogdom, December 1916
Bingo the Frenchie, owned by a bird store. From Dogdom magazine, March 1907
Cocker puppies in a bird cage, possibly in Bingo’s bird store, pictured in Dogdom magazine, August 1907
An inaccurate caption from Dogdom magazine, September 1907
A visiting card for a dog from China, from Country Life in America, January 1915
A compliment card in Dogdom, May 1918
Holding a Scottie, wearing a fox in Country Life in America, March 1915
Dogdom, November 1918

So you fancy yourself an inventor?

The Dog Fancier, April 1916

This dumb thing:

The Dog Fancier, October 1916

This dog’s owner cut off a piece of his fur and mailed it to a dog magazine in order to brag on the (unnecessary) length:

The Dog Fancier, September 1916
I guess the man, the dog and the trophies couldn’t just be photographed together so they came up with this… composition? Dogdom, August 1916
Taunting the captive wolf with wolfhounds. From Dogdom, January 1917

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