The Dog Fancy: World War I

Life goes on, even in wartime, and so it was with purebred dogs during World War I. Here are various snippets from the era, illustrating some of the effects of the war on the dog fancy.

A view of World War I from prominent dog fancier James Watson in Country Life in America, November 1914
Dogdom, October 1916
Another side effect of the first World War as printed in Dogdom, July 1918
The Dog Fancier, April 1918
World War I drove advertising such as this Spratt’s ad in Dogdom, April 1918
Appealing to the patriotic sentiment of Americans during World War I in The Catalogue of the 40th – 43rd annual New York Bench Show of Dogs, 1916-19 by The Westminster Kennel Club, 1919
By the October 1918 issue of Dogdom, Spratt’s was advertising two foods named for the war.
By the time Dogdom assembled its January 1919 issue, the war had ended and this cover photo of a boy showing affection for a German shepherd was a fitting metaphor.

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