3 thoughts on “No Kill PSA

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every.Single.Word is correct!! And this is more timely in our country than ever right now! Thank you for sharing, I will be too!

  2. Peter Coyote has always been on the Good Side! I remember him from the 60’s when he, as one of the Diggers, gave out free food to all us hippies in Golden Gate Park.
    I love you Peter and you’re definitely right on this issue (and we share a birthday BTW.)

  3. I connected with Peter about 4 years ago after he agreed to voice a documentary film for a contact of mine (the film was never completed). He told me he got his 2 dogs from a high kill shelter in Fresno. When I asked him about a month ago how much he would charge to voice this for me, he said “you can’t afford me.” He went on to say he would do it for free because it’s a cause he believes in strongly. I have a lot of respect for him. He is in demand for voice work in Ken Burns films and on other projects but uses his celebrity for good and for a number of causes. The fact that he’s a Buddhist priest with rescue dogs makes him all the more admirable.

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