Happy Holidays

A sort of hodgepodge of images relevant to the holiday season. Whatever you’re celebrating this month, I hope you and your pets are warm and happy. ❄️ β›„ πŸŽ„

A full page ad in Country Life in America, December 1901
An ad in House and Garden, December 1914
Barn Owl in the Snow by Lucy Grossmith
(artist unknown)
(artist unknown)

In December 1916, House and Garden had a two page photospread titled “Give them a dog and you give them a friend” promoting dogs as Christmas presents for kids. The photos are all entirely staged, reflecting the magazine’s sense of what its rich, white readership would find appealing.

See the full photo essay here.

Dogdom, February 1919
Western Field, December 1902
The Dog Fancier, December 1912
Dogdom, December 1912
Dogdom, December 1921

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