Vintage Dogs: A Lick of History

I love history, as some readers may have picked up on at this point. And today’s offering is just a quick bit of the kind of thing that makes me say, “How about that?” when I come across it during my research. I might make this a regular thing, if there are no objections.

Dogdom, February 1914

The well known sinking of the Titanic happened on April 15, 1912 after the ocean liner struck an iceberg in the north Atlantic. There were not enough lifeboats to hold the roughly 2200 people on board and an inept evacuation caused many lifeboats to be launched with numerous seats empty. The waters were too frigid to survive.

The Carpathia arrived approximately ninety minutes after the sinking and its crew spent all night picking up the 710 survivors. There were many animals on board at the time the Titanic sank and a dog show had been planned for April 15. Three dogs survived, as did a married couple who reportedly liked Boston terriers.

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