Vintage Ads: Austin’s Dog Bread

A full page ad in the book Glover’s Album by H. Clay Glover, 1886
The Sportsman’s Directory compiled by Will Wildwood, 1891
A full page ad from the book:
James, G.B., Jr. (1894). The dog and how to breed, train and keep him. Boston, Massachusetts: Walnut Publishing Co
House and Garden, December 1911
House and Garden, April 1912
Dogdom, February 1912
Dogdom, April 1912
Dogdom, May 1912
Dogdom, June 1912
Dogdom, October 1912
Dogdom, November 1912
Dogdom, December 1912
House and Garden, October 1919

2 thoughts on “Vintage Ads: Austin’s Dog Bread

  1. Oh look, Frenchies in ads from a century ago! People seem to think the breed suddenly popped up and was never publicly popular. Beautiful Bostons too, though those two are very much at opposite ends of the breed spectrum. I disagree that table scraps were probably less healthy than this early kibble, really depends on what people were eating then.

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