Vintage Dogs: Moms

I know dads are having their day on Sunday but since the blog was paused when it was Mother’s Day, I wanted to pay tribute to them here.

Dogdom magazine, September 1907
Winchell, J.L. (1908, March). English bloodhounds. House and Garden, pp. 8-10
Mom’s face is an emoticon.
Dogdom, June 1909
Dogdom, June 1909
Dogdom, September 1909
Cover of Dogdom, November 1909
Dogdom, February 1910
Dogdom, April 1911
Dogdom, July 1911
Dogdom, April 1912
Dogdom, June 1912
Dogdom, February 1913
Scottish deerhounds in Dogdom, April 1913
Dogdom, August 1913
Dogdom, June 1916
The Dog Fancier, October 1916
Dogdom, December 1916
Dogdom, December 1916
Dogdom, November 1918
Three week old airedales with dam in The Dog Fancier, December 1920
Dogdom, November 1921
Dogdom, November 1921
Dogdom, December 1921
Dogdom, December 1921

3 thoughts on “Vintage Dogs: Moms

  1. Thank you for all the Boston pics! The Bull Terriers are also very interesting and have really changed the most out of all the dogs featured here a century later. You can really see how heavily the Dog Argentino favors the bull terrier used in production here.

    1. Speaking of the dogo Argentino, why does the A. K. C. still allow cropped ears? A breed just recognized in 2020. There is no excuse for this.

  2. The AKC isn’t big on pushing changes to Tradition in favor of the welfare of the dogs. If they were, you wouldn’t be able to show any of the brachy dogs without proof they can breathe normally without surgery, and they’d be funding well-researched outcross projects to save, to name two breeds badly in need of it, Flatcoat retrievers and Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

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