Vintage Field Trial Dogs III

Source: Anon. (1901, August 3). The field trials on grouse. Country Life, pp. 156-158
Field trial winning female, Tring. From Country Life, January 18, 1902.
Bergholt Dart, winner of second place at the 1902 trials held by the Retriever Society in Norfolk, England, with owner Captain W. G. Eley.
Bergholt Jill, winner of the second annual trials held by the Retriever Society in Norfolk, England, probably with owner C. Eley.
Source for two photos above: Anon. (1902, January 25). The retriever trials. Country Life, pp. 101-103
Country Life, April 19, 1902
Circe was the winner of the Acton Reynald stakes at the 1902 field trials in Shrewsbury, England.
Source: Anon. (1902, May 10). Pointer and setter trials. Country Life, pp. 581-583
Dogdom, April 1909
Source: Smith, A. C. (1909). Everyman’s book of the dog. London, England: Hodder and Stoughton
Dogdom, November 1909
Multiple field trial winner Beau, probably with owner Harry Kirkover in Country Life, September 1920
Dogdom, March 1921
Source: Megargee, E. (1954). The dog dictionary. [1st ed.]. Cleveland, Ohio: World Pub. Co.
Dogdom, December 1909

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