Vintage Dogs and People IX

From Country Life, July 13, 1901.
Vintage Dogs and People and Falcons should possibly be a separate post.
From Country Life, October 19, 1901.
Greyhounds from the kennel of English show judge Harding Cox pictured in Country Life, October 12, 1901.
Country Life, October 26, 1901
This dog looks like a water spaniel. From Country Life, November 16, 1901.
Curlycoated retrievers in Country Life, February 15, 1902
Source: Anon. (1902, April 12). Famous kennels: Mr. R. Hood Wright’s. Country Life, pp. 470-472
The annual field trials at Shrewsbury, England in 1902.
Source: Anon. (1902, May 10). Pointer and setter trials. Country Life, pp. 581-583
The Dog Fancier, January 1903
Source: Erb, F. H. (1904). How to train dogs and cats. Chicago: Press of Jennings & Graham
Dogdom, August 1908
Source: Cairns, D. H. (1920, July 24). Cairn terriers. Country Life, pp. 112-113
The first thing my dogs would do is pull that table runner down then they’d eat everything (edible or otherwise) that came crashing to the floor.
Source: Baynes, E. H. (1922). Polaris, the story of an Eskimo dog. New York, NY: The MacMillan Co.

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