A Shelter Christmas Carol

Sent in by reader Rebecca Barocas:

Away in the Shelter
(sung to Away in the Manger)
Away in a shelter, concrete for a bed,
A little mixed breed dog lay down his sweet head.
He didn’t do nothing to get here they say,
The little mixed breed dog asleep where he lay. 

The shelter is open, the little dog wakes,
Our little mixed breed dog, no whining he makes.
He sits so attentive, as people walk by
And waits for a person who’ll give him a try.

The kennel door opens, someone scoops him up,
He goes down the hallway, he’s a nervous pup.
He’s dropped in the lap of a man with a boy,
The look on their faces is love mixed with joy.

Be near me, my new friend, I ask you to stay,
You will have a soft bed and good food all day.
We will bless the day that you no more will roam,
You’re part of our family, this small dog is home.

Jennie is a small dog, rescued from a kill shelter in NM, currently in a foster home and available for adoption.

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