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  1. The person responsible for Kapone’s disappearance needs to be thrown in jail and left there! But then most of the people at MAS need to be put there right along with her (or him) for the pain and suffering and they’ve caused. What is it going to take for someone in the Memphis area who can actually DO something to see that MAS is a hell-hole and do something about it? Maybe that’s the problem: there IS nobody in the Memphis area who will and this will need to come from the state level!

  2. I wasn’t sure where to put this but this is on the FRONT PAGE of this morning’s Commercial Appeal.


    Kapone has also made the first page of the local section. Maybe it’s not what you want, but it’s a start.

    The CA is relentless, once they make up their minds to do something. I think they might be interested in seeing what Reno and Austin are doing.

    If you really want a no-kill shelter in Memphis, you need to give people something to aspire to. We’ve had so much bad press that many people have given up trying, and some here even believe we deserve the bad, so why try to change things. But you’ve got allies who just need to see something that works. The CA is a good place to get the word out.

    I believe Memphis will be no-kill someday, and I will see it.

    1. I spent a couple of hours providing material to the CA via phone and e-mail including info about Reno and Austin. They have the info if they want to use it.

      The problem with this article is that it fails to make the distinction between mandatory sn (which Memphis has) and access to low/no cost sn. The former does not result in saving pets’ lives, the latter does. Everywhere MSN has been enacted, it’s failed. The article cites Los Angeles but doesn’t mention how badly MSN has failed there. I don’t know if this is sloppy reporting or willful misinformation. Memphis has seen an increase in pound intakes since enacting MSN, similar to other MSN cities and counties. It’s a proven failure which is why it is not part of the No Kill Equation.

      1. This is primarily an article on the changing views towards spay/neuter and responsible pet ownership. It mentions MSN in one paragraph.
        As for Memphis’ MSN, they are only pursuing it in cases where other laws have been broken. It is a secondary offense. I doubt it Memphis will ever have a true MSN law. And I don’t think this is the reason for the increase in pound uptake. I think the economy has more to do with that.
        And MAS has been giving out 10 dollar vouchers for S/N over the last month from a PETCO grant they received. I believe the CA has also mentioned this.

        I appreciate the things you do. I think you do make a difference in the world and in the lives of shelter pets. I hope you continue to fight for the ones who need you most.

      2. No one who supports MSN in the previous places it’s been enacted and subsequently failed believes MSN has anything to do with their increase in pound intakes either. Regardless, it’s got a 100% fail track record. It doesn’t reduce killing. It’s not the direction I want any community to go in. I’m for no kill.

        Thank you Petco for helping a few Memphis residents with low cost SN. Now how about everyone else in Memphis who needs help?

      3. This is a generic wire service story — it didn’t emanate from CA but from the Associated Press (Sue Manning writes for AP in California). National coverage of shelter reform is nil as far as I can tell. I think it must be because, even though the shelter system is just that, a system, each shelter is a local entity and so reform efforts are covered locally. I do think it will be important when national media finally notices the NK movement, but it hasn’t happened yet. So far, they’re still doing stories of this ilk. You can tell how basic it is because of who they interviewed: ASPCA and HSUS. There just is no knowledge base among reporters who might write about this stuff.

  3. From today’s CA editorial page:


    This is how Memphians perceive what is going on. As long as they only see this as a negative argument, things will not change. As long as they’re told the shelter is hell and the employees are almost all evil, things will not change.
    There are some good points in this article. If you comment on it, please try to mention that. Think of Amy Doville as a potential ally and not another person in denial.

    Sorry to be on my soapbox. I believe no-kill is a necessity for Memphis. I hurt when I see the webcam pictures. But I hurt for Memphis too.

    1. She lost me at the “I hate Matthew Pepper” e-mail campaign. WTH? There is no such campaign to my knowledge. Has anyone heard of this campaign?

      1. I don’t see any mention of a “I hate Matt Pepper” e-mail campaign. I took it as a reference to the legit e-mails sent by caring pet advocates who have expressed concerns over the killing at abuse at MAS. And unfortunately a few kooks thrown in, as is unavoidably the case with any such campaign. It’s a shame they single out the few crazies instead of talking about the vast majority of normal people with genuine concerns.

      2. I am not reading anything NEW in either of these articles. The discussion seems to be on rewind. If the officials of the city won’t have an open discussion about MAS, then what are people supposed to do? Also, the argument “we’re doing the best we can” is old and tired. The NK Equation has surely proved otherwise in so many other locations. It is simply an excuse for not saying “we can’t do it that way because we’ve NEVER done it that way”. I do agree about negativity.

        As for an “I hate Matthew Pepper” campaign, I haven’t seen any evidence of any such thing, and if there is such a thing, I wouldn’t put it past some to have started it to discredit the change they DO NOT wish to see. ‘Nuff said.

      3. I found this editorial very disappointing and left a comment. Hopefully others will do the same.

    2. Yes, there are crazies in every movement, and the other side always pounches on the comments or actions by these few people. As for Amy’s comment about trying to work together and solving the problems, well, has she been on another planet the last couple of years? I have never seen her in any of the advisory board meetings. At these meetings, some people have offered various ideas and donations to help MAS: donationss of GPS sysems in the animal control trucks; donations of tranquilizers to pre-sedate the animals before euthanasia; donations to send at least 1 AC officer to NAACA training…to name a few. So, of course there is a lot of criticism of the shelter, especially when the city will not hold the employees accountable for their wrong doings!

  4. This video is doing further damage to my heart – I know how it is to be looking for your lost beloved dog. There is no terror worse with the possible exception of looking for a lost child.

    Please, whoever has Kapone, let those kids have their beloved friend back. $3000 is nothing to sneeze at. PLEASE BRING KAPONE BACK HOME!

    Shirley: this needs a 10 Kleenex alert!

  5. I still hope that Kapone is found alive and well. This poor family must be going through such pain not knowing and dealing with people who did whatever was done and simply do not care at all…

  6. A heartbreaking video plea and it is simply a loving family trying to find their precious family member, anyone who loves and cares for their companion pets will sympathise and want to do all they can to help find Kapone, I’m sure of that. What this family are going through is a unimaginable pain, a living nightmare and I really hope and pray that there will be a breakthrough soon and a happy ending for Kapone and his loved ones.

  7. I’ve written to every council member, the mayor & Mr. Pepper about Kapone & the failure of MAS to identify the problem of his loss, some more than once. No reply from anyone.

    Does anyone have a suggestion what can be done with MAS? I’ll do whatever is necessary to help the animals & people who care for them, but until changes are made with those in control I don’t see anything good happening.

    A daily large crowd of protesters with signs and the press in attendance is my suggestion.

  8. I checked the owner surrenders and they are pretty much staying the same, high as always. Both before and after the ordinance was approved in Oct. 2010.
    Memphians have no problem in surrendering their animals to MAS.
    1/10 – 304
    2/10 – 363
    3/10 – 503
    4/10 – 411
    5/10 – 440
    6/10 – 596
    7/10 – 509
    8/10 – 581
    9/10 – 459
    10/10- 418
    law approved
    11/10 – 375
    12/10 – 407
    1/11 – 540
    2/11 – 380
    3/11 – 487
    4/11 – 410
    I don’t have May and June.
    If MAS would let those surrendering their pets know what will happen or try to help them with the reason for surrender, behavior training, food, shelter, whatever the need is. Instead MAS just continues to process them. In the front, dragged to the back, and through “the” door.

  9. Patience,
    There are so many of us in Memphis who have tried for years to bring about change in the way Amy describes. Two administrations and MAS has not changed. Amy is a long-time supporter of MAS…Mr. Pepper can do no wrong in her eyes.

    According to her we should be good girls, work with the city, not criticize Pepper or MAS and change will happen.
    Been there, done that.
    I am a child of the 70s. Protesters stopped a war by going against the status quo. Animals die, corruption runs rampant, animals are missing, employees are kept on payroll when they should be on leave. Believe me, the time to “kumbaya” is over. The Mayor has received over 15,000 emails, most nice, most friendly and constructive. So have the City Council members. Fullilove’s response to the killing at MAS…”So What”.
    And you know what…the shelter is hell and many of the employees are evil, not suffering from compassion fatigue.

    1. And he hasn’t even gotten the petition yet! He doesn’t care. He will care when action is taken.

  10. I didnt watch this because I was afraid itd just be too heartbreaking and I dont need that right now but I wanted to know, has this family contacted a lawyer or have any legality on their side? Because the longer they stall, the more MAS is going to cover stuff up. If this was my dog, I wouldve had one already but I guess thats just me..

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