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  1. Some of you may remember the very bitey ear-tipped cat who was dumped in my neighborhood. Her story is here – http://yesbiscuit.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/request-from-a-reader-for-cat-taming-suggestions/

    Well, I’m very pleased to report that she’s making progress! She’s still in the taming cage (need to get a little further with the coming to me when I call and not shying from a reaching hand), but look at what she can do –


    Apologies for the closeness of the shot, but I’m having to block the cage with my body and watch her closely as she still spooks at little things. But now that she’s touchable, her progress is very encouraging!

  2. Networking got a lost 17 year old cat home -https://www.facebook.com/UrgentOhioCats/photos/a.537336142947900.137716.460554870626028/877949472219897/?type=1&theater

  3. A lay blogger at Catholic Online, Marshall Connolly, has picked up a story about a pig-wrestling contest slated to be held at a church in Wisconsin, an event that has attracted a lot of controversy very quickly, and gives a pretty good summation, along with asking some questions. He has also contacted the Diocese of Green Bay, which has religious jurisdiction over the church in question, but hasn’t received an answer yet.

    The controversy was started by an Examiner blogger, but the Catholic blog post is a little calmer in tone and obviously includes perspective from within the Church.

    “It must be noted that the essence of such an event –what makes an event entertaining for the public, is the distress that the animal feels at being pursued and manhandled into a bucket. Although the event has been enjoyed for 44 years, this is not justification that it is without cruelty.”

    Evidently Catholic Online doesn’t take comments, so there’s no way to separate this post from previous ones — but it’s the lead post right now, as of 5:30 p.m. EST on Thursday, April 7th.

    I like the part where Connolly says, “Something about this screenshot doesn’t feel right.” No kidding!


    1. Oh, well spotted! There is a place for comments at the bottom — you have to scroll through the advertising stuff.

      1. Thanks, mikken, I didn’t see that! It’s an interesting comment thread.

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