10 thoughts on “Weekend Jade

  1. Well, hello gorgeous!

    She looks fantastic. Simply fantastic. Her ears are a thing of beauty.

  2. Seeing her looking so very beautiful and (female-ish) lovely warms my heart… Even w/o her glorious smile, whatta doll she is.

  3. Love that she has her ears and tail, I feel so sorry for dogs that have been cropped and docked – main forms of expression taken away. She is a pretty girl.

  4. Jade looks wonderful. Posing for that closeup with that girlie stance! She really looks great. Thank you so much for saving her!

  5. Beautiful Jade! I look forward to seeing this lovely girl all weekend. Bet she is charming the household, including Billy.

    1. She is charming, yes. But also puppyish, in that annoying way 45 pound puppies have. She hasn’t endeared herself to the older dogs, who mostly ignore her. And Mulder still has nothing but hate for poor Miss Jade. Hate and CrazyEyes. Jade is not discouraged.

      1. She knows she’ll win Mulder over…eventually. Or, at the very least, Mulder will see that it’s just going to be easier to get on the Jade train, and Mulder can keep her pride by just pretending that ‘that dog’ is YOUR problem. My elderly female greyhound hated the puppy I brought home too. She decided that ignoring the existence of that ‘creature’ was yet another thing that true princesses would do – and she was a true princess, of course. It was beneath her to deal with such a ‘commoner.’

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