Enablers Desperately Cling to Killing in Glynn Co as Public Supports No Kill

The Florida Times-Union shamefully published a killing apologist piece whitewashing the weekly killing done by Barbara Sancomb, the manager at the Glynn Co pound in GA.  Framing the manager as an animal lover and showing a photo of her paw print tattoos to prove it, the paper talks about the terrible “burden” of killing animals who trust her and willingly submit to her while she’s killing them.  Like we’re supposed to be all aw when in reality, I expect most people’s reaction to the disturbing visualization is more AHHHHH!

The article also talks about how sad it is that no kill advocates have complained online about animals being mistreated, deplorable conditions and needless killing at the pound.  That hurts the shelter staff’s feels.  Plus, the paper says, the animal advocates are liars anyway.  Because other places are worse:

“Everybody who criticizes us, they have obviously never been to a bad animal shelter because this is a really good one,” [Sancomb] said.

Yes, it does sound really good.  Animals in need of homes who come to trust you and willingly allow you to inject them with poison so they can die.  I’m trying to think of anything that would be better but nothing is jumping to mind.  Unless you want to touch upon that doing your job to actually shelter animals thing.

The shelter has been a public relations nightmare for the county. Earlier this year, Animal Control Advisory Committee Chairman Marci DeSart released startling statistics describing the shelter’s euthanasia rates. Since 2006, 18,000 dogs and cats have been put down.

The county kicked that person to the curb post haste.  But then one of the commissioners started talking about no kill and it seemed to resonate with the public:

A town hall meeting he called last month drew a couple of hundred animal advocates in favor of no-kill including DeSart and members of No-Kill Glynn, an organization she co-founded. No one spoke against it.

No one spoke in favor of killing.  Zero.  A couple hundred were in favor of lifesaving.  But veterinarian Bill Disque says reality is an illusion:

But Disque, a retired vet who spays and neuters animals at the shelter several times a month, said there’s a silent majority in the county who realize no-kill is not an achievable goal as things stand now.

A silent majority who really want to see the killing at the pound continue unchecked.

Now you’re just making shit up.  There is no silent majority of the public who secretly rub their hands together in hideous delight when thinking about puppies and kittens being sent to the landfill by the local pound.  There just isn’t.

What there is:

Page 12 of the 2011 Associated Press-Petside.com poll
Page 12 of the 2011 Associated Press-Petside.com poll

The overwhelming majority of the public, 71% of those surveyed, believes shelters should only be allowed to euthanize animals who are medically or behaviorally hopeless.  Sorry to rain on your Pet Killing Parade with my Actual Data from Reputable Agencies but oh, not sorry.

The vet goes on to invoke the too many animals, not enough homes myth and blames the irresponsible public for the killing. In a county where a couple hundred people showed up in support of no kill at the town hall meeting.  They do sound so irresponsible.  I wish they would move to my county.

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7 thoughts on “Enablers Desperately Cling to Killing in Glynn Co as Public Supports No Kill

  1. Seriously. I’m trying to picture “a couple hundred” people at one of my County Commissioner’s meetings to protest the killing of pets…it would be a sight I would carry all my days.

    The only “silent majority” is in that guy’s head. And it should stay silent.

  2. It’s amazing how people who work for the public simply refuse to do what the public wants. No logical reason either, simply refuse to do what they should because they can get away with it. And there is the loyal press simply saying what isn’t so, over and over until they think people will buy it.
    Sad, silly and counterproductive. So glad people went in numbers to advocate for no kill. I think Winston Churchill said that America always does what is right once we exhaust all the alternatives, his words seem true on this issue and may all the alternatives be finished soon.

  3. Assholes can justify killing, or so they think! Most of the public is against the killing, so how do you think you can justify this? Do you choose what you want to believe so you can go on killing? Listen to the people who help fund these shelters! You’re only fooling yourselves! What would your friends and family think if they knew what you’re really doing? Wake up!

  4. No kill is a viable solution. It takes the will of the people, political will and a shelter director with compassion for the animals. Saving lives is a loving act, killing is never a solution. Their lives matter.

  5. In Effingham co ac.. our director marks cats as feral when their not.. she kills preganant dogs even when they have a Rescue lined up.. she kills over coccidia or parvo on animals that have not been tested. When a person brings an animal in they have had a few days thats lost she gets them to sign a surrender form so they can be held in the back and killed.. she killed a siamese w a sorestro collar.. doesnt post found animals brougjt in by public.. our shelter sounds like this hell hole.. jan-oct 1982 intake .. 963 were euthanized

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