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These things take various forms and get circulated online from time to time.  They’re generally rants against the so-called irresponsible public.  This one is too, which is why I didn’t bother posting the entire thing.  I’m sure all of you already know the myriad things you’re doing wrong which “force” shelter workers to kill animals and their enablers to justify it for them.

Plus I wanted to make clear what these rants are by focusing on the header.  They are, in no uncertain terms, a threat to continue the needless systematic killing of healthy, happy dogs and cats unless the world meets the demands of the killers and their enablers and becomes perfect in their eyes.

It’s terrorism.

And these people are monsters.


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  1. About what you’d expect from “friends” of MAS. Everything is okey-dokey. If only those nasty folks who make up the irresponsible public wouldn’t make MAS kill the animals. Not MAS at fault for torturing, killing, abusing, hiding, __________________ (insert your own description) the animals in their “care”. Education and change seem to be slow to come to Memphis. Hello, Memphis, there are communities all over the country with many of the same animal “issues” that are NOT killing, but saving most of the animals in their CARE. Stop blaming and start saving.

  2. And of course one could ask why MAS isn’t helping with any of those things. Providing low-cost s/n, vax, and chips? Providing pet owner education? Maintaining a list of local pet-friendly housing options to help people avoid having to surrender pets? Are they doing even one of those things they’re asking the public to do?

    1. Oh, good dog, no – they can’t do the relatively easy things they’re supposed to do at a bare minimum. You know, make sure there’s clean water and food, and clean floors (or rusted out ledges) for the dogs and cats, so anything even the teensiest bit more difficult than that, well, those things are completely impossible. Of course, if they’d let “the irresponsible public” in to see what a shitty job the paid staff and enabling volunteers are NOT doing, they would have to admit that they’re doing a shitty job. Instead, they just keep saying “We’re doing such a difficult job, and you should stop expecting miracles.” The real miracle though, is that they keep getting paid for doing such a shitty job (and of course, I’m not talking about cleaning up crap here – it’s the extremely low quality of their extremely piss-poor efforts, but anyone with a brain knows that!), and that volunteers can get some kind of sick satisfaction from enabling the bullshit lies. The place is full of people who would scare even a dedicated psychologist!

  3. This statement on the “about us” section of their page speaks volumes about their ignorance regarding saving shelter pets. “Pet overpopulation and homelessness is a community problem, not a shelter problem.”

  4. And even if all the demands are met they’d just move the goal posts further. There is a reason why negotiating with terrorists is never a good idea.

  5. You all do understand this isn’t just about MAS, right? Insert the initials, name of any kill pound. Example: Palm Beach County (FL), Greene County (OH), Devore (CA)….

    1. Of course, there are plenty of high kill shelters and plenty of them blame the public for the killing. But in this particular case it’s Friends of MAS circulating this garbage, and it’s particularly galling, as MAS is one of the worst offenders, not only in terms of kill rate, but for animal abuse, hiding animals from the public, killing pets that have rescue or adopters on the way, etc.

  6. MAS gets pissy if you mention they are a kill shelter within the building. They also try to control one’s speech in the parking lot. People get “banned” from the shelter for stating out loud that MAS is a kill facility.

    1. They are dumber than I thought, then. EVERYBODY knows they are a damn killing facility. Do they really believe they are fooling anybody by not talking about it? GEEZ

  7. I was in an abusing relationship/terrorism active for two years trying to just save the animals against a $10m a year kill shelter. I will be out soon. And only the animals on death row will suffer as there will be one less rescue trying to save them.

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