9 thoughts on “Name That Animal

  1. It reminds me of the lilac breasted roller, but it is not lilac. It must be some other type of roller, but don’t know the name.


    This is a racket-tailed roller. From Wiki:

    The rollers are an Old World family, Coraciidae, of near passerine birds. The group gets its name from the aerial acrobatics some of these birds perform during courtship or territorial flights. Rollers resemble crows in size and build, and share the colourful appearance of kingfishers and bee-eaters, blues and pinkish or cinnamon browns predominating.

    1. “Bee-eaters”??? Is that anything like a Death Eater? Sounds seriously bad ass.

      “Dude, you want to leave that guy alone. He’s a bee-eater.”

      “You’re kidding?”

      “No, seriously. He eats bees. For breakfast.”

      “Oh wow. I didn’t know. Sorry mister. Sorry. I…meant no offense. Can I get you a drink or something?”

      1. It’s a thing you do on a dare – I dare you to EAT A BEE. A live bee. You put it in your mouth and you EAT IT.

        But they do it like it’s nothing. Do not mess with bee-eaters!

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