Vintage Dog Ads XIII

Electric? A classified ad in Forest and Stream, August 1885.
A blurb about the origins of the Medford Fancy Goods Co. and the growth of the dog collar business in the U.S. from Forest and Stream, January 14, 1886.
Medford’s ad in the same issue mentioned above.
Forest and Stream, August 1885
Forest and Stream, August 1885
Sewell, A.J. (1907). The dog’s medical dictionary. London, England: George Routledge & Sons, Limited
Dogdom, April 1913
Dogdom, November 1913
The claim “a complete food” appears to indicate these Milk Bones were vastly different from the version sold today. From Dogdom, December 1913
The reward for Dan was about $3000 in today’s money. Dogdom, December 1913
House and Garden, March 1919
House and Garden, April 1919
House and Garden, May 1919

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