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I wanted to share a couple of links I posted on Facebook this morning that tie in with dog bite prevention week:

This one is from doggonesafe and although it is aimed at kids, I think it’s useful for adults too.

This post dissects a photo on the cover of a catalog of a kid kissing a dog’s face.

Open Letter to Glenn Andrews in Memphis

Tonight on the blog’s Facebook page, someone claiming to be Memphis ACO Glenn Andrews left a lengthy comment.  This is my response.

Dear Glenn Andrews,

I’m going to answer your questions about shelter issues here.  I won’t be addressing the other comments that have nothing to do with animals.

You asked about Mario and why I haven’t posted any updates on him.  You may have missed the most recent update from March.  He is doing well at the sanctuary and I am grateful to Steve Markwell for believing in Mario.  Every day that Mario is alive to feel the sun on his face and sleep peacefully in a safe environment is a good day.

You asked if I believe the people in Memphis can handle their own affairs.  I do believe in the people of Memphis and I have blogged about this many times.  More to the point, I believe in you, Glenn.  Many of my readers have met you in person and every one of them has reported back that you seem to sincerely care about the animals.  I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you myself obviously but I trust my readers’ judgment.

I made a donation to the No Kill Advocacy Center some months back when they were running a promotion and gave them your name and the shelter’s mailing address for where to send a copy of Nathan Winograd’s book Redemption.  I asked that they send it anonymously because I feared you might have some bias against the information in the book if you saw it came from me.  I hope you received it and have had a chance to read it.  My reason for sending it was because, as someone who cares about saving shelter pets, I knew you would likely be interested to read how it is possible to save every healthy/treatable pet at your shelter.  And I hoped you might be inspired to use your leadership skills to take action on some of the key steps outlined in the book.

If you are interested in learning more, there is a wealth of free information available online.  I would suggest this guide, among many others.  If I can support you in any way, please let me know.  You can comment on the blog anonymously.  You can also e-mail me anonymously if you choose.  I can help network your least adoptable animals, share pleas with the public about special circumstances at the shelter, assist with fundraising – anything that can be done via computer from another state, I’m willing to do it.

Shelter Pet of the Day

Dog #A241047 at the Memphis pound, as pictured on the PetHarbor website.

Looking at this dog’s face is causing my heart to crumble. This is what MAS has posted about him on PetHarbor:

This DOG – ID#A241047

I am a male, black Labrador Retriever.

The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old.

I have been at the shelter since May 19, 2012.

Can anyone help him?  We have a fund that readers have donated to which can help with vetting – just need a compassionate person to care for him.  He looks like he’s come up short so far in life on being told what a good boy he is and how much he is loved.

Raise Your Paw If You Want to Get Out of MAS Alive

Dog # A241196 at the Memphis pound, listed on as a 4 week old male Pitbull. Uh, black.

See this dog on PetHarbor.

NC Shelter Fined by State for Multiple Violations of Animal Welfare Act

In January of this year, McDowell County commissioners approved a group called McDowell County Animal Outreach (MCAO) to run the county shelter.  State inspectors approved an old car dealership building for use as the shelter site.  The state inspected the site in March, April and May, noting violations of the state Animal Welfare Act.  MCAO’s failure to correct the violations has resulted in a $1000 fine.  Among the findings:

  • Dirty kennels
  • Animals without water
  • One wire crate contained 5 dogs
  • Large cracks in the floor
  • Animals being kept in unventilated areas, not approved for housing
  • Isolation building “heavily soiled at the time of inspection with food, urine, feces and hair.”
  • Cats stacked in unsecured crates
  • Cats in crates on unstable surfaces such as tires and storage containers
  • Records lacking information including medicine administration
  • Animal food bowls sitting in stagnant water in the bathroom
  • Dirty litter boxes stacked on the floor
  • Insufficient staff to care for the number of animals housed

In addition, there have been concerns about the spread of disease resulting in pet killings at the shelter:

“Dirty mop water, foot baths and equipment baths were found that suggest that disease could be spread easily,” read the inspector’s report. “After conversing with a permanent volunteer, it was determined that a veterinarian was contacted who gave recommendations regarding the sickness at this facility. The volunteer also confirmed that these recommendations are not being adhered to. The volunteer confirmed that several animals that were adopted have been returned to the facility due to sickness. Puppies were present at the facility that appeared lethargic and had loose stool. The potential cause of these symptoms is currently unknown.”

Carol Ferebee, assistant director of MCAO, indicates the group intends to contest the fine.  She cites lack of guidance from the state on how to correct problems, the group’s inexperience in running a shelter and a lack of dependable volunteers as the reasons for the violations.

On the one hand, I would be inclined to give a group that is just starting out the benefit of the doubt.  They are probably well intentioned people who care about pets and, depending on the luck of the draw, an inspector at even the best shelter is likely to find some dirty kennels.  On the other hand, it shouldn’t require a state inspector to tell you it’s wrong to leave animals without water.  And you are never going to attract quality volunteers if you are asking them to care for cats stacked in crates and on tires in an unventilated area.  That is just plain miserable for those cats and it should never have been allowed to happen.

Ferebee said MCAO is doing an excellent job in caring for homeless cats and dogs and making sure they have good homes, despite the amount of funding and the loss of good volunteer help.

“We continually improve,” she said. “Our goal is to have a 100-percent adoption rate. There is no animal abuse here.”

It’s little wonder volunteers quit.  I only hope Ms. Ferebee is contending that the group does “an excellent job” because she’s trying to put the best possible spin on a bad situation.  That is, I hope she doesn’t truly believe that.


Down the Depraved Rabbit Hole in Memphis

After the city attempted to shake us down for $800 on the last set of MAS security camera videos, a FOIA request was filed for all documents pertaining to this fee.  These records were purchased yesterday and reveal some interesting information which I will break down in this post.

In response to one of the where-in-the-world-is-my-FOIA-request follow-ups, James Rogers, interim director at MAS, wrote to Lou Ann Muntz, in part:

On Apr 5, 2012, at 5:21 PM, <> wrote:

Hello Ms. Muntz,

The person responsible for providing your request will return on Monday, April 9, 2012.

We will forward the report to you promptly upon their return.

Then on April 9, an update from Mr. Rogers:” <>
To: Lou Ann Muntz
Sent: Mon, April 9, 2012 2:57:15 PM
Subject: RE: Response Requested (Ms. Muntz): FW: Records Request – Memphis Animal Shelter

Ms. Muntz,

The video footage you are requesting will be pulled on tomorrow.

Because of the security set up around our video system only one person has access.

I was not aware that only one person has access and informed you it could be pulled today.  My error.

I do not have access myself or else I would pull it.  Again, your patience is appreciated.

Best Regards

James M. Rogers

Administrator, MAS

On April 5, Mr. Rogers seemed to indicate there was one person responsible for pulling the footage.  On April 9, Mr. Rogers was apparently surprised to learn that only one person had access to the footage.  This is purportedly due to security reasons.

Going back to April 5, a response from James Perry in the city attorney’s office regarding the records request:” <>
To: Lou Ann Muntz

Sent: Thu, April 5, 2012 4:00:55 PM

Subject:RE: Records Request – Memphis Animal Shelter

Ms. Muntz,

Please allow additional time for fulfillment of this public record request. I apologize, but the record’s officer in the MAS, Public Service Division is not at work today. The City had the 4th(yesterday) and has the 6th of April off. I believe the 5 day time was tolled on yesterday due to theoff day; however, I will make sure you will promptly receive your request as soon as the respective staff members from MAS are back at work. I will follow up with your request the first thing Monday morning. Have a wonderful weekend, and I apologize for any inconvenience.



Like Mr. Rogers, Mr. Perry seems to indicate there is one person responsible for pulling the video footage – “the record’s officer in the MAS”.

A snippet from an e-mail from Chandell Ryan in the city attorney’s office, in which she explains why the February request cost $200 but the April one jumped to $800:

From: []
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 5:31 PM

Subject: RE: Amended Records Request – Memphis Animal Shelter

Hello Ms. Muntz –

It is my understanding that the previous February 2012 invoice was based on the best estimate that could be made at the time considering the lack of familiarity with the new system. This estimate was approximately $400. This amount was discounted to $202.94 by the records custodian due to some confusion around the request.

“Confusion around the request” is presumably a reference to the city’s failure to provide the footage initially requested.  Of note, Ms. Ryan’s reference to a discount determined “by the records custodian”.

The MAS records clerk is Brandy Jackson.  In 2009, she earned $24,124.71 (page 208) and in 2011, her salary was $27,199.38.  Clearly Ms. Jackson, the sole person with access to the security camera footage, does not earn anything close to $50 an hour, which is the rate the city charges us to copy the footage when we file a FOIA request.

Via a FOIA request regarding the price increase on the videos, I found that the city appears to be contracting out the work of copying the discs.  Despite the purported security concerns, the city apparently takes the footage from the solitary individual with access at MAS and hands it over to a company called SAIC for copying.

SAIC holds numerous government contracts besides working for the city of Memphis.  The Project on Government Oversight (POGO) is a non-partisan, non-profit watchdog group and ranks SAIC as the 9th largest federal government contractor.  POGO reports 13 instances of misconduct involving SAIC government contracts since 1995.  The POGO website states that SAIC has paid more than $533 million to settle these claims which include cost/labor mischarge, fraud, double billing and defective pricing.

If Brandy Jackson is the only person able to access the security camera footage in the city of Memphis, who’s minding the store?  That is, why is no one actually monitoring the footage and how on earth can the city claim unmonitored video offers any measure of protection for the animals at the pound?

Is Brandy Jackson the person with authority to provide a discount on FOIA requests?

If the city truly is concerned with security, why is the footage being handed over for copying to a company with a history of fraud and double billing?

Why should citizens be forced to pay $50 an hour for services which are clearly sub-par – as in oops, we forgot to do half the job?

I’m confident there would be someone with no history of defrauding taxpayers who is willing to volunteer services to copy the DVDs.  Is the city of Memphis interested in considering such an offer?

Name That Animal

The only rule is:  no researching.  Just have a guess and feel free to take dramatic license.  Answer will be posted in the comments later today.

Fort Worth Shelter’s Failing Plan Ramps Up the Fail

Fort Worth Animal Care & Control has been ignoring the recommendations of no kill advocates for years and instead, pioneering its own way to process animals at the pound.  The city’s protocol has been to categorize animals based upon tiers:

Tier 1 — Healthy and ready to adopt;
Tier 2 — Injured, ill or with temperament issues that are potentially manageable with sufficient time and resources;
Tier 3 — Critically ill or injured or highly aggressive.

The city claims that for more than 2 years, no shelter animal categorized as tier 1 has been killed.  Critics say the shelter’s sub-standard cleaning protocols result in many pets who enter the shelter healthy becoming sick.  This moves them from tier 1 to tier 2.  Further, cats and dogs who behave normally in a shelter environment – that is, exhibiting fear or anxiety – are labeled tier 2 when in fact they are friendly, healthy animals who just need an opportunity to live in a normal home environment.  The city does not have a TNR program in place so impounded feral cats have no chance of qualifying as tier 1 even if they are healthy and behaving normally for a feral cat.

So how is the city’s plan working out?  Not so hot.  In fiscal year 2011, Fort Worth AC & C killed 58% of the animals in its care.  And now, the city is threatening to begin killing tier 1 animals due to the usual population increase which occurs each spring:

“We do not want to euthanize healthy dogs and cats,” said Code Compliance Director Brandon Bennett said. “It would be heartbreaking.”

To avoid that scenario, adoptions must take place this week. If not, animals will be euthanized to create more space at the shelter.

While I can understand how the plan probably came about – Hey, maybe we can at least try to avoid killing completely healthy and friendly pets – it is a deeply flawed plan because it is based on killing animals, not saving them.  It targets a group to kill and a group to save.  And obviously it doesn’t allow for such easily anticipated occurrences as spring population increase, impounding of feral cats, upper respiratory disease or pets who are frightened at the shelter.

The No Kill Equation on the other hand, is based upon respecting the right of every shelter pet to live while allowing for euthanasia of medically/behaviorally hopeless animals who are suffering.  Every healthy/treatable animal deserves to live – not just tier 1 animals.

I have several pets who, if they were impounded at Fort Worth, would probably be tier 2 (unless it was a bad day, in which case one or more might be classified as tier 3).  But they are great pets, even if they don’t show it to strangers.  Somebody should be advocating for every healthy/treatable animal at Fort Worth AC & C.  Somebody, somebody… Who should it be?

There is a petition asking Fort Worth AC & C to implement the programs of the No Kill Equation.

The shelter is offering half-price adoptions for the rest of the month.

Retaliation: Volunteer Dog Walker at MAS Banned Due to My Post

Regular readers may remember Jody Fisher’s story of how she was fired from volunteering at MAS last year because, per then director Matt Pepper, she wasn’t “on the same page” as the pet killing facility.  After James Rogers took over as interim director, Ms. Fisher asked if she would be allowed to walk dogs at the pound.  She received permission and was told she would only be allowed to walk dogs in the adoption area and not the healthy hold area (both are open to the public).  On April 7, 2012, things began to unravel.  Ms. Fisher writes:

I happened across a mama dog who appeared to be lactating –filled with milk – to the point it was painful to look at her. She looked so sad. I had no idea if she had puppies (somewhere) or she was pregnant and about to give birth. I took her picture because no one was around to ask and I had NO idea about pregnant or post pregnant dogs.

When I got to the lobby, I showed Jeanne Chancellor [head of the “Friends” volunteer group] the photo and she shrugged her shoulders and said she didn’t know anything about the dog. There was no concern from her. I went home and couldn’t get this dog out of my head, so the next day (Easter Sunday) I posted her picture on my FB page and asked – “Where are her pups?” I did not accuse anyone of doing anything with them – had NO idea what her situation was. Yesbiscuit also posted her picture. I then sent James Rogers an e-mail and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a reply.

This is the e-mail Ms. Fisher sent to James Rogers:

From: jody fisher
Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2012 11:52 AM
To: Rogers, James
Cc: Beamon, Chelton; Dunlap, Tracy
Subject: Very concerned about mama dog – just had puppies – alone at MAS

Mr. Rogers,

I apologize for e-mailing you on this holiday. I wish for you and your family a blessed Easter!

When at the shelter yesterday, I saw a mama dog who’s teets (sp?) where so engourged with milk – looked absolutely painful. There were no puppies with her. Her ID#239268. I asked Jeanne Chancellor about her and she didn’t think it was critical. When I got home, I researched and found that is emotionally and physically painful for animals to not be able to nurse their offspring (just like humans). The card said she was a stray, She came into the shelter yesterday. Her puppies need her in order to survive (where are they?). I , as a few more of my animal-friendly-friends, will go to the place she was picked up and look for her puppies. Time is of the essence. If we can’t get that information, we could alleviate her pain by offering her a motherless pup. There is a 12 day old pup, on Petharbor – ID# 239198. Maybe this would work?! Can you help to make this situation right?

Again, I am sorry to interrupt your holiday, but I think this is most critical.

Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you,

Jody Fisher

Mr. Rogers sent the following reply:

Subject: RE: Very concerned about mama dog – just had puppies – alone at MAS
To: Jody Fisher
Date: Sunday, April 8, 2012, 12:37 PM

Ms. Fisher,

I have reviewed the matter. The 12 day old pup has parvo and cannot be exposed to other dogs.

The mama dog was brought in over the intake counter with no further information on origin.

We have no other motherless pups to allow her to nurse. We will continue to monitor. Thanks you for your concern.

Behind Ms. Fisher’s back, Christi Long was feeding Mr. Rogers false information about the question I had asked on this blog about where the mama dog’s puppies might be:

From: “Christi L.”
To:  James Rogers
Subject: Link to originator of the false info about mama dog
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012 13:07:15 -0500

Sent from my iPad


From:  “Christi L.”
To:  James Rogers
Subject: Facebook page that shared the incorrect info on mama dog
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012 13:10:32 -0500

This Facebook page re-posted the original blog about mama dog on Yesbiscuit.
Now it is being circulated by numerous people.

I will continue to explain the actual situation and that they have the wrong facts and have been mislead by Ms. Thistlethwaite of Yesbiscuit.

Sent from my iPad

After reading Christi Long’s e-mails, Mr. Rogers apparently became angry with Jody Fisher, who is not, nor has she ever been, responsible for the content of my blog. Mr. Rogers fired off this angry e-mail to Ms. Fisher, copying several other people:

From: Rogers, James
Sent: Sunday, April 08, 2012 1:29 PM
To: Fisher Jody
Cc: Hooks, Director Janet; Hall, LaSonya; Dunlap, Tracy;
Subject: FW: Very concerned about mama dog – just had puppies – alone at MAS

Ms. Fisher,

I am concerned about the latest portrayal of MAS on Yesbiscuit.

This is not what MAS is about. I have explained our mission to you in person. You assured me you understood our goals and objectives.

You agreed with the changes being made. You stated you are willing to help MAS if needed.

MAS is doing everything within its power to care for the animals entrusted to us. You, yourself, walk animals here to assist us. You are trusted and given open admission. You stated you wanted to help. But to give incorrect statements about the employees and the impoundment of animals here at MAS is inconceivable and inflammatory.

The allegations on the attached are disheartening to say the least.

I am truly disappointed.

James M. Rogers

Administrator, MAS

Approximately one week later, Ms. Fisher received a certified letter from the city, dated April 10, revoking her dog walking privileges and unescorted access to the kennels at MAS.  In addition to citing my post on the blog about the mama dog which again, Ms. Fisher bears no responsibility for (and which I stand behind), the letter referred to an incident at MAS on April 7th.  Ms. Fisher was allegedly observed attempting to walk dogs in the stray area on that day.  The letter goes on to say that Ms. Fisher offered to sit in a dog’s kennel in lieu of walking the dog and that Chelton Beamon admonished her about these attempts.

Ms. Fisher contends that she never attempted to walk dogs in the stray area on April 7 or any other day, that she never explained she wanted to sit in a dog’s kennel, and that Chelton Beamon never spoke to her about these alleged incidents.  In an effort to prove that these allegations were false, Ms. Fisher requested from the city, copies of the security camera footage showing all the dog kennels for the hours she was there on April 7.  She filed the request with subject line “FOIA – Memphis Animal Services – Video – DO NOT OVERWRITE!”  Despite several follow up attempts to protect the footage from being overwritten, none of which were acknowledged by the city, Ms. Fisher ultimately received a response that the footage had been overwritten.

At that point, Ms. Fisher wrote a letter to Mr. Rogers in response to the allegations and requesting to have her dog walking privileges reinstated.  She included a link to a video she made at MAS on April 7th where an employee can be heard in the background telling her not to walk the dog she is filming.  Ms. Fisher replies that she was not going to attempt to walk the dog.  The video shows Ms. Fisher petting the dog from outside the cage.

Mr. Rogers replied to this letter as follows:

From:   James Rogers
Date: April 26, 2012 8:21:52 AM CDT
To: Jody Fisher
Subject: RE: Certified Letter from Tracy Dunlap

Ms. Fisher,

You are not a volunteer. I allowed you to walk the animals at MAS because you had been a volunteer. It was a privilege granted to you because you came and asked me personally. Those privileges have been revoked. Friends of Memphis Animal Services is the sole entity that is allowed to walk animals for MAS at this time. You are a valued member of this community and I respect all your rights and privileges as a private citizen to visit MAS. You will be escorted by a volunteer or an employee as any visitor to this facility. You may also help to place animals that are in the adoption area and in the healthy hold area. I have explained to you personally and in emails that if you have an issue or see anything wrong in this facility you should speak to me. If the issue is not corrected immediately then you can take whatever course you deem necessary.

As far as the “YesBiscuits” posting, it was a negative for MAS. Had we been given an opportunity to address the issue you would have seen the positive outcome listed below. No opportunity was given. It was just posted. The inflammatory damage had been done. It is not fair to this city, its citizens and the employees and volunteers to have our image tarnished without merit. So I do understand your frustration. If it is deserving then so be it.

We are moving in a positive direction and I wish to have you aboard, but not under these circumstances. If you wish to discuss this further, I will speak to you in person, my door is always open to you.

James M. Rogers

Administrator, MAS

So while MAS turns down volunteer dog walking services from Jody Fisher, we learn that “Friends of Memphis Animal Services is the sole entity that is allowed to walk animals for MAS at this time.” How many “Friends” are there walking dogs each day at MAS? Is the number sufficient to give every one of the hundreds of dogs at the pound at least one walk per day? Because anything less is cruel.

Ms. Fisher continues to save animals from the MAS kill room by networking them and advocating for their right to live.  She keeps me in the loop on many of these rescues and there have been so many, I have lost track.  But I am grateful the homeless animals in Memphis have her on their side.

Shelter Pet of the Day

Dukie is at UPAWS in MI. He needs a home as an only pet, preferably with an owner who eats a lot of peanut butter. (Photo from UPAWS on Facebook.)

Submitted by Reva Laituri, president of UPAWS in Michigan, who writes:

A small group of 4-H children visited our shelter recently. As they quietly filed in past the reception area, one of our supervisor’s, Rachel, noticed they kept their heads down or turned away, and avoided looking at her. She then realized they were all physically challenged in some way… a scarred face, amputated limb, etc. She immediately knew who they needed to meet and invited them into our office where one very special resident resides… Dukie, a 7-1/2 year old American Bulldog/Pit Mix.

We first became acquainted with Dukie in October of 2010 when his owners surrendered him because they could no longer care for him. They informed us a tree had fallen on him five months earlier, leaving his right front leg paralyzed. He was examined by a local vet and we were informed the leg was not causing him any pain and did not need to be amputated at the present time, however, it could become a possibility at a later date. Dukie was soon adopted, but was returned a year later because he had attacked another dog. Other than for that one incident, he was described as a well-mannered dog who liked to snooze in bed with the kids. When Dukie was again placed up for adoption last fall, potential adopters were told in no uncertain terms he could never be around other animals and never left tied up outside unsupervised. He was adopted in November and returned in December when, after being left unsupervised he attacked a neighbor’s dog. Dukie has been with us ever since. During his stay at the shelter, it has never been difficult to keep Dukie away from other animals and we know there is a perfect home for him… it is just a matter of finding it.

For many shelters Dukie’s history of aggression toward other animals is reason enough to kill him. But we, and many, many visitors to the shelter, see in Dukie a spirit and gentle soul that overrides his aggression issues. For we see a Dukie who LOVES people. He greets everyone at the office door with a wagging tail and a goofy grin and will listen intently and give you his undivided attention when spoken to. Dukie does seem to have a special connection to children. He is more than tolerant of them climbing all over him… he actually enjoys it. Adults and children who have gotten to know him stop in the office all the time to rub his belly (one of his favorite things), scratch his ears, or just say hello. Even though he is a big dog, he walks great on a leash and requires little in the form of exercise. He is totally happy with short walks or a fenced-in yard where he would like to spend time watching the birds and chipmunks or retrieving his tennis ball.

Back to the 4-H group. As the children rounded the door and saw Dukie coming to greet them, the first thing they noticed was his paralyzed leg, the second thing they saw was his wagging tail, followed by lopsided grin. There was a chorus of “He’s just like us,” followed by one child saying, “Dukie’s strong; we can be strong, too”.

As you might be able to tell, we love Dukie and want him to have a real home, where he can share his huge heart with a permanent family. He has a very special gift to share with people and there needs to be an environment where that can be given freely. We even think he would be an asset in an institutional setting where no other animals would be allowed. He has a very special and unique way of reaching into and touching people in ways not often seen. He has a spirit that transcends his disabilities and gives hope and encouragement to those who most need it.

UPAWS has a very small shelter and to keep Dukie separated from other animals, he has been living in the office – a space usually used to house the annual overflow of cats that occurs from May through September. We are already needing the space, which could accommodate up to a dozen cats. If anyone can help us place Dukie, please let us know. We are trying everything we can think of… contacting rescues, other shelters, re-marketing him… one volunteer even set up his own Facebook page, “Help Dukie Find His Forever Home”. Our manager takes a new photo of him almost every day and adds a little caption.

Dukie has been sponsored, so his adoption fee is already 100% paid. He is neutered and is up-to-date on his vaccinations. In addition, we will transport him to you, pay for any and all medical costs (including amputation of his leg, if necessary). Also, if you are a shelter or rescue and want to consider a trade, we are very open to that possibility also. We are at the point that we think Dukie just needs a new pool of potential adopters; people are so used to seeing and hearing about him on our website, he has become “old news”.

To view Dukie’s video and read his website bio, please visit or visit his Facebook page.

If you think you can help Dukie find a home, or to get more information about this awesome dog, please contact Lareina at 906-475-6661 or e-mail her at

UPAWS is a no kill shelter, open to the public seven days a week – 12:00PM to 4:00PM;  Thursday 12:00PM to 6:30PM.  The shelter is located at:

84 Snowfield Road
Negaunee, MI 49866

Phone: (906)475-6661