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Case Update: Klein Animal Shelter Director Guilty of Cruelty

Many readers likely recall the horrors documented by the state of Texas at the Klein Animal Shelter in Jacksonville.  For those who don’t, click through using caution because the images are very disturbing.  In a nutshell, the untrained staff was physically abusing animals, leaving injured animals to suffer in filth without treatment, cruelly killing animals in view of other animals, mixing dead animals with live animals in cages – all while the director spent her days running a fight club of which the staff were members.  The facility has since closed, and some of the rural counties which contracted with Klein for AC have failed to secure new contracts, instead taking found animals to private vets to be killed.

Today, an update on the case.  Former shelter director Angela Wallace will spend zero days in jail:

Ms. Wallace pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor offenses in late June: Cruelty to non-livestock animals and illegal euthanasia.
She was sentenced to two years probation – the maximum length of time for misdemeanors.
She was charged $3,000 in fines and $594 in court costs for both charges and was ordered to perform 140 hours of community service, Cherokee County Attorney Dana Young told the Progress. Other conditions of probation included completing anger management classes and not owning any pets. Ms. Wallace cannot work with animals again.

If you are wondering what happened to the felony charge against Wallace, she utilized a state law which allowed her to admit guilt while not being prosecuted for it. If you are wondering where the justice is for the animals who suffered such heartbreaking abuse during Wallace’s time at the shelter, I got nothing.  I also have no information on what is happening with the other two employees who were charged in connection with the case but presumably, if the person in charge got off with probation, the subordinates will probably get less.  Maybe a bouquet with a “sorry we charged you” card from the DA’s office, I don’t know.

(Thanks Stephen, Clarice and Nathan.)

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Happy birthday John Lennon.


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Shelter Pet of the Day: Memphis, TN



Bella, ID #290655 at the Memphis pound.  (Photo by Memphis Pets Alive)

This sweet dog has been kept behind locked doors in the “stray” area of the Memphis pound since she was surrendered on September 24.  And gee, no one has adopted her.  As if there’s some correlation between keeping pets hidden from the public and pets getting adopted.  So weird.  And now, her number is up.  She has until tomorrow, October 8, to get the hell out of hell.

Bella is 3 years old and heartworm positive.  Anyone interested in meeting her needs to wait for a hall monitor to become available at the pound so they can be escorted to her cage.  You will have to provide her ID number:  290655.  If anyone interested in Bella needs any assistance, please post a comment. We will try our damnedest to make it happen.

Memphis Animal Services
2350 Appling City Cove
Memphis, TN 38133
(901) 636-PAWS (7297)

(Submitted by Jody)

Young Hillary Clinton: Baby Bunny Defender

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou


It’s Silly Season in U.S. politics, where all manner of things get spotlighted in the media, including stories from 60 years ago. Snipped from an anti-Hillary Clinton article:

I interviewed Hillary’s grammar school classmate, Jim Yrigoyen, who told me the story of being ordered by Hillary to guard a warren of baby rabbits, and not give any of them away to neighborhood boys. When he did, recalled Yrigoyen, “Hillary hauled off and punched me in the nose.”

Hell to the yeah!

The author’s apparent intent in relating this anecdote was to smear Hillary Clinton but as far as I’m concerned: total fail. I love this story. You go girl.

Polk Co Pound Kills Microchipped Lost Pet Upon Impound


Lefty, as shown on

Kristi Durham adopted a special needs beagle who circled to the left and named him Lefty. She moved from Kentucky to Polk Co, FL in August and the following month, Lefty accidentally got out of his yard. A good Samaritan saw him in the road and reportedly took him to a vet. The vet reportedly instructed the finder to take the dog to Polk Co Animal Control. The pound vet determined Lefty needed to be killed immediately but there was a pesky problem of him having a microchip:

“We did make, I feel, a reasonable amount of effort to locate this owner, unfortunately the [microchip registration] service gave us a bad number [with two digits reversed],” said [Polk County Sheriff’s spokesperson Carrie] Horstman, who said animal control staff spent at least 20 minutes calling the microchip company and a disconnected number.

Twenty minutes. Then they killed the dog. A dog whose owner had already called Polk Co to ask if they had, within the last hour, impounded any left-circling beagles. Pound staff said no. Lefty’s family gave their contact information to staff and asked to be called if any left-circling beagles were brought in. They never received a call. The county explains it this way:

[T]he dog was not entered into their database because it was not entered into the kennel – it was euthanized due to the Vet examination.

Even though the microchip’s first contact number was off by two digits, there was a secondary contact number which the owner says was her cell phone, still in service, even though she’d moved. Had Polk Co called the secondary number, or called in response to the lost dog report filed by the family minutes before Lefty was impounded, they could have reached the owner. I guess it might have taken 23 or 24 minutes or some other time that is apparently too damn long.

And yet somehow, the county considers that a “reasonable amount of effort” was made to find Lefty’s people. Plus the pound vet provided them with cover:

“In our vet’s expert opinion the dog didn’t have a good quality of life,” explained Horstman.

Hmm, doesn’t seem like he has a good quality of life. Let’s kill him and see how his quality of life is after that. Otherwise, we’ll have to actually set up a kennel and enter him into the system which sounds too much like work.

Polk Co stands by its actions in the killing of Lefty but is willing to toss the heartbroken family a crumb:

She’s welcome to come to animal control and we’ll give her a pet for free. We certainly don’t want this to ever happen again,” said Carrie Horstman[.]

Hey, free pet. Because they are interchangeable. And we don’t want this to happen again. Not that we have admitted any wrongdoing or made any changes to prevent it happening again. I guess what I’m saying is, we don’t want to get caught killing someone’s beloved lost pet upon impound again. Yeah, that’s it.

(Thanks to everyone who sent me this story.)

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